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Optical Fiber Channel

Optical Fiber Channel


Unique Tel specialized in the production of high quality computer room with cloth cable bridge frame and fiber channel, fiber tail trough, fiber tail channel and fiber outlet, three/four connecting parts and other accessories are made of high quality flame retardant materials, smooth surface, so that the fiber natural tiled, neat and orderly line; light weight, high impact toughness and good mechanical properties, protect the fiber from damage. The position of the fiber outlet is flexible, and the corner is protected by a circular Angle to ensure that the fiber bending radius is greater than 40mm;The outlet is made of flame-retardant plastic, with the protection of rounded corner, it can be moved at will in the tank, which is convenient for the fiber to be placed in the proper position. Can meet the needs of all positions, equipped with large output port to meet the needs of large capacity output, output port with bellows protection fiber. Elbow, tee, and all kinds of diameter change direction of the joint, can meet a variety of routing; bypass obstacles; flexible and convenient configuration. Standardized module design, quick and easy installation. The fiber tailing channel is connected reliably, and it can be fixed up or down with the grid bridge frame, U-shaped steel wire frame and aluminum alloy wire frame. The overall design of fiber channel and tail fiber routing channel is reasonable in layout, uniform in appearance and neat in appearance.

Fiber channel, tail fiber channel product specifications: depth 100mm, width 120mm (5 inches) and depth 100mm, width 240mm (10 inches) two options.

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Neat section and low temperature resistance;

Link fastening, anti-aging;

Engineering plastics, will not produce toxic gas;

Bearing capacity is greater than 35kg.

2 meters (customizable)
Made of flame-proof ABS plastic, pass FV-0 flame retardant level in GB-T2048-2008
Flexible location and optional size

Installation Suggestions

A. Large-size fiber outlet is suitable for high-capacity fiber discharge in the fiber channel of steel or aluminum alloy;

B. Medium size fiber outlet, suitable for fiber shedding of steel or aluminum fiber channel with conventional capacity;

C. Small size fiber outlet is suitable for a small amount of fiber discharge in the fiber channel of steel or aluminum alloy;

D. Multi-function mobile fiber outlet is suitable for fiber shedding with conventional capacity in fiber channel of steel or aluminum alloy, strong versatility;

E. Mobile fiber outlet is suitable for fiber shedding of conventional capacity in the fiber channel of steel or aluminum alloy;

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straight optical fiber raceway.jpg

T shape optical fiber raceway.jpg